Six tips for choosing the right artwork for you

Six tips for choosing the right artwork for you

6 tips for choosing the right artwork for you

So, you’ve decided to do something about that sad blank patch of wall that’s been bothering you for months (Ok, maybe years…).

It’s time to order some new wall art for your space.

But how do you make the right decision and choose something you’ll be able to live with for years to come? We’ve got a few pointers to make sure that you pick art you’ll love forever.

Consider whether your wall art matches the colour and style of your home.

First up, you need to make sure you pick something that will match the rest of your space. If your home is traditional and classic, look for pieces with a more traditional feel. That doesn’t mean you need to ignore anything modern in favour of portraits of English gentry, but there are certain contemporary styles like Scandi that may work less well in your home ( unless you’ve already furnished the rest of your home with Ikea Scandi classics, of course).

Look at how light and bright your space is when assessing which art will work.

It’s important to factor in the space you’re working with when choosing your wall art. If you’ve got a bright, airy space you’ve got a whole lot more freedom to choose whatever you like. Go dark and big to bring a sense of drama to your space. Our Light Play and Acting Koi prints are perfect for this.

Light Play Display Canvas Art

If you’re working with a small or dark space, you’re generally better off keeping your pieces bright and simple. Look for light colours and a more cheerful subject matter. Halcyon Days is a great way to bring a bit of cheer into a darker corner, for example.

Look at how you use the space.

How you use the room you’re planning to decorate is important. For example, it’s not always ideal to hang big, loud pieces right over your bed. You might want to look for pieces that create a restful, calming environment instead. Prints involving water and featuring shades of blue and green can work well here. Have a look at Bondi for inspiration (particularly if you’re lucky enough to live near the beach).

If you’re choosing pieces for a home office, brighter and more vibrant designs and colour-schemes will help stimulate your mind for extended work-a-thons. Check out Smoke for some inspiration.

Beach Canvas Wall Art

Your lounge room is where you can get really creative – particularly if you’re lucky enough to have large expanses of wall to play with! Get bold and creative – remember you’ll be looking at your living room art regularly, so it’s important you love it.

Look at the other pieces of art you have displayed nearby.

Getting a big, bold and bright floral print is all well and good, but if the rest of the space is filled with your partner’s collection of framed motorbike prints, it may look a little out of place. Falling in love with a piece displayed on its own if one thing, but love can fade pretty quickly if your new masterpiece looks totally wrong in your home or office (We think you might want to talk to your partner about those framed motorbike wall prints, too).

It’s also worth considering the frames you have. Mismatching frames can work well if you really commit to it, but if you have 3 black frames and one white one on a wall together, it may look a little odd.  

Ask if this piece fits in with your normal style.

We’ve all had our eye caught by a piece of furniture or art that is amazing and beautiful… and totally not what you usually like. That’s all well and good, just remember that you’re going to be living with your wall art for a long time. If your style is evolving, great! But if you think there’s a chance you may wake up next week and wonder what you were thinking, it might be a good idea to sleep on your purchase before going through with it.

Remember that rules are made to be broken.

After all that, remember that some of the most exciting and beautiful spaces break some or all of the interior design rules! Remember that if you’ve got the confidence to pull off something that’s a little outside the box, more power to you! We’ve got plenty of fun pieces you can mix and match, and we’re adding more all the time.


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